Paragon Labs - The beginning - Signature Series

Paragon Labs - The beginning - Signature Series

August 17, 2017

Signature Series hidden dragon and basic b with crouching tiger and much more like rainbow road e-juice. 

The Beginning of Paragon Labs

-Written by Chris Nguyen 2017

Paragon Labs began with its original and most beloved line, Signature Series. The creators of Signature Series started their operation with one goal. Their goal was to preserve the vaping community, especially in Montgomery County, Maryland. 

In April of 2015, the Council Members of Montgomery County, Maryland issued a Bill to tax all retail store locations with a disastrous 30 percent wholesale tax. In short, this would mean that any product vape shop owners would purchase for the store including e-juices to vaping accessories to offer to their customers would be priced significantly higher than before. As a result, many local vape stores began to close down or go bankrupt because they failed to make ends meet. With a background in the restaurant industry and years of perfecting his culinary expertise, the creator of Paragon Labs decided to experiment with creating his own e-juices to support his local vape shop and preserve the local vaping community. According to Jack, it was disastrous to see people raise their prices or his local vape stores shut down due to the greediness by the FDA and council members of Montgomery County.

"To purposefully attack and take away the gift of vaping which is shown to help people find a safer alternative to cigarettes is a direct insult to us as a vaping community. We as humans deserve better."- Paragon Labs mixologists Jack Nguyen 2015

Through numerous trial and errors, sleepless nights, and funds he thought was potentially wasted finally resulted with a success story. Paragon Labs released the beginning of a new era of e-juice called Signature Series. His first flavor was Hidden Dragon which gained traction at the speed of light. He eventually created his first 4 flavors of Signature Series which included Hidden Dragon (White Peach Apple Tea) , Basic B (Strawberry Ice Cream), Rainbow Road (Rice Crispy Treats infused Fruit Cereal), and Bronze Beard (Vanilla Caramel Custard Tobacco). He was able to supply the local vape stores in his community at a wholesale cost below the average market price which was able to help numerous locations survive in the vaping industry and retail customers find e-juice that was significantly more valuable. 

Those who have tried Signature Series began to spread information about how amazing the e-juice was which helped skyrocket the product in the surrounding area. During the beginning stages, funds were low and there was no money for extra marketing, as a result, Paragon Labs had to rely on word of mouth. 

Due to Signature Series success, Paragon Labs was born and introduces to you one of the leading manufacturing e-juice companies in the entire world. We would love to say a special thank you to those who have supported our mission and journey. 


Paragon Vape Labs.