Pound Town E-Liquids  Miami Vape Expo August 2017

Pound Town E-Liquids Miami Vape Expo August 2017

August 29, 2017

Pound Town Booth Express and Downtown Miami ConventionPound Town Downtown Lemon Glaze E juice miami expoPound Town Express Blueberry and Krunchberry cereal pound cake E juice miami expo

 Pound Town E-Liquids l Miami Vape Expo 2017

Pound Town E-Liquids had a very successful showing at the Miami Vape Expo.  The Miami Vape Expo is one of the largest vaping conventions in the entire nation. Many exceptional e-juice and hardware manufactures were in attendance along with multiple distribution companies. The event in total was 3 days long with thousands of people attending the show in sunny Miami.

The Miami Vape Expo was an absolute blast for our Pound Town E-Liquids team. We were able to meet many other premium e-juice companies and manufactures and were excited to see the Vaping industry run strong after numerous attempts by the FDA to shut down vaping. The energy and vibe at the Miami show was an absolute positive experience. Many people with smiles and acts of kindness throughout the show helped make the entire convention an absolute blast. We could not have asked for a more successful show.

Pound Town E-Liquids had a very successful event while being nominated as one of the best new e-juice companies on the market according to the people. Our entire booth was packed with people lining up to sample our flavors, Downtown ( Lemon Glazed Pound Cake) and Express (Krunchberry Cereal Pound Cake).  In total, our Pound Town E- Liquids team brought 400 bottles extra for individuals who wanted to purchase our e-juice before our official release and we were completely sold out within the second day of the expo. We had a very successful convention with many people absolutely ecstatic about our products. With numerous distribution companies and retail locations interested in our product, expect to see Pound Town E-Liquids in a store near you!